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Emmanuel williams 


YOUniversal Professional Development 


Youniversal Professional Development is predicated on equipping organizations and individuals with tools and systems that cultivate sustainable counter-racist thought, speech, and action. As we know, racial discrimination, unconscious bias, and a lack of proper education about race is plaguing our society in many ways. These issues organically bleed over to the workplace and can hinder communication, connection, and morale. 


Youniversal Professional Development launched in August 2020 and hosted an eight-week cohort-based course titled, “Know Your Enemy: The Evolution of Racism.” The course takes you on an in-depth 600 year journey of uncovering the foundation of racist ideology and gives you a clear view of how and why racism continues to plague the modern world. The information contained is this course is vital to reversing the damaging effects of racism. We cannot truly begin to solve this problem if we don’t have a thorough understanding of how the problem began. Our foundational beliefs of what racism is, and how it works, must be rooted in historical truth. We suffer so much confusion, conflict, disappointment, and frustration because of faulty beliefs. Furthermore, based on what we believe, we make assumptions. Based on those assumptions we consciously or unconsciously create expectations. Faulty beliefs lead to faulty assumptions. Faulty assumptions lead to faulty expectations. And here we are, 2021.


Youniversal Professional Development is here to provide in-depth courses, strategic counter-racist workshops for organizations, and individual life coaching with an emphasis on overcoming all forms of global supremacy

Professional Development 

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