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Overcoming race-based trauma 
from generational harm to generational health and wellness.

Moving from generational harm to generational health and wellness.

Due to colonization, the social/pseudo-scientific construction of race and imperialism, people classified as non-white have endured systematic prejudice, antagonization and discrimination. Centuries of race-based trauma here in America has certainly taken a toll on its Black, Indigenous, and Hispanic citizens.

When living in a long-term stress response situation one is destined for some type of breakdown in the mind and body. If you are living in a state of danger whether it’s perceived or real, you’re constantly in a fight or flight mode. Your heart is pumping blood to your extremities and your body is out of homeostasis. Also, if you are conditioning your heart to always be pumping fast to be in a fight or flight mode you are setting yourself up to have high blood pressure issues.


High blood pressure leads to heart failure, stroke, kidney damage, etc. Also, constantly thinking and feeling equal to the circumstances of a toxic environment will result in affirming a negative perception of self. It is imperative to operate on a mental plane that is greater than your circumstance.

In this workshop we will cover:

  • Brief history on Race-based trauma spanning eight generations from the present day (roughly 160 years)

  • The mental and physical cost of resilience: Living in survival mode is killing us.

  • Producing generational health and wellness: Mental models and physical strategies for

    overcoming the adverse environment of racial trauma.

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