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Know Your Enemy: The Evolution of Racism 

This course is designed for those that recognize their genuine concern and ambition to solve the race problem doesn’t match the level of historical knowledge needed to do so. This course is designed to eradicate and alleviate the feeling of helplessness when it comes to thinking, speaking and acting in a counter-racist manner. Beginning in 1441 and ending in the 21st century we dive into the social construction and geo-political ideologies that have shaped our present racial dilemma.

Because of racism we deal with: 

  • Microaggressions and passive aggression

  • Tokenization

  • Not knowing how to “play the game” corporately/socially without suppressing ourselves

  • Often feeling “emotionally hijacked” in conversations about race

After gaining a thorough understanding of the race problem and getting equipped with tools to counteract racist thought, speech, and action:

  • Increased confidence and lower anxiety in corporate and interpersonal settings.

  • Increased awareness to no longer think, speak and act in a manner that reinforces racist ideology.

  • Eliminate the self-imposed psychological bondage of code-switching and assimilation (for non-white people)

  • Produce justice in your life and positively affect your sphere of influence with applied knowledge.


More About the Course

This course, Know Your Enemy: The Evolution of Racism, will reveal many truths about white supremacy that have been hidden in plain sight, but hidden nonetheless. This course provides an education on Western (white) culture unlike anything you’ve ever seen or heard. We will tap into the bare naked truth of the establishment, maintenance, expansion, and refinement of the systematic oppression we know as racism/white supremacy.


One of the great advantages of this course is that you can learn about this topic in a judgement-free and safe community of like-minded, caring, ambitious, and truth-seeking problem solvers. The gift of community intertwined as a connected force to process the truth about racism, while building a future of thriving justice and constructive human connection, is life-changing.


Session 0: Foundational Concepts

Session 1: Europe, Roman Catholicism, Chattel Slavery

Session 2: Columbus and Spain’s role in the conquest of America

Session 3: Colonial Laws of VA, NY, and MD

Session 4: Racism Theory/Cress Theory of Color Confrontation

Session 5: The Maintenance of White Supremacy 

Session 6: King Leopold and Neo-Colonial Africa

Session 7: The Great Migration

Session 8: The Ultimate Counter-Racist Strategy

If you would like to learn more about this training please inquire via the training request form.

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